About the Blogger

I am a mama, wife, daughter, niece, sister, cousin, aunt, and friend. I love the different roles I play and all the amazing people that are in my life! I love music, family and friends, God, eating, taking walks, playing at the park, drinking coffee, and going on new adventures.

I live in Vancouver, WA and love my little house. I have a husband (P) and a 2 year old boy (Z). Most of our day(s) consists of the ordinary things of life. We worry about getting chores done, transporting Z to the person who will watch him while I work in the evening, getting dinner on the table, and having clean socks to wear.

I grew up in Vancouver, WA. I met my husband here and we started our family here. Vancouver, WA is a special place with lots to offer! We have a favorite coffee shop, bakery, place to buy groceries, photographer, and hair stylist. (If you don’t have these things and want recommendations, I’d be happy to refer you!) And guess what, they’re all in Vancouver, WA!!

The aim of my blog is to explore my city with P and Z as well as other family and friends. While we LOVE Portland, OR, we are on a quest to stay in our city. 1) I dislike car rides and Z dislikes them more. 2) We buy gas less when we stay in town. 3) I really do believe we should spend our dollars where we live!


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