Last weekend, we went to Joe’s Place Farms.  It is a great place to visit and it’s right in the middle of town!!  Yep, no driving far away to get there.  It is a suburban farm at its finest.

My mom bought all of us a hay ride.  ( really it just goes in a circle)  The best part….they give each person a farm fresh apple.  So tasty.  P saved his for dipping into carmel later that day.  It’s so fun watching Z’s expressions as he takes everything in!

There’s just enough for a kid to do.  There’s a maze, a stacked pyramid, a witch to take pictures in front of, and a little tee pee.

And, of course, there are pumpkins galore!  Last year, Z hauled one pumpkin around the whole time we were there.  This year….he just looked at everything. He didn’t want a pumpkin. And, he wasn’t nice about getting his picture taken until he was playing with his grandpa.

I say GO!  You only pay for your pumpkin and $1 for riding the tractor.  If you’re short on time or don’t want to go far but still want a good experience….this is it!