This endeavor’s credit must go to my cousin…He is amazingly creative and cool because he doesn’t try to be.  

I grew up in Vancouver, WA.  I left for a short stint to get an education.  And, I’m back.  I met my husband in Vancouver.  We started our very own family in Vancouver! 

I work a few hours per week outside my home all around Vancouver and absolutely love my job.  ( Feel free to ask me about it…I’d love to talk about it! )

I live and work in Vancouver, WA.  I also try to do 90% of my playing, eating, shopping, and hanging out in Vancouver!  Vancouver, WA has so much to offer!!  My aim is to tell you about my experiences, learn from yours, and continue to explore this awesome city! 


Do you have a favorite place to take your 2-4 year old?  I want to hear about it!  Do you have a local restaurant that I should definitely try?  Please inform me!  I want to explore my city and promote small businesses (and a few large ones) all in Vancouver, WA!